Monday 31 March 2014

Stay away from the chairs!

In an article that reports the results of a survey showing that most Americans do not find e-cigarette vapour annoying, we get a quote from vetaran anti-smoking crusader, Jonathan Samet...

“There have been two reasons to handle e-cigs the same as combustible products,” Samet said. “People would be exposed to the nicotine in the air, so the vapor could settle on people. It could contaminate the air that they breathe. It could contaminate a chair, and they could touch it and nicotine can go through the skin.”

Unlike many in his movement, Samet has real scientific qualifications. He must know that (a) 'passive vaping' is harmless, (b) nicotine is harmless at these kind of trace levels, and (c) 'thirdhand smoke', let alone 'thirdhand vapour', is a joke. And yet he brings all three of these weird ideas together in a desperate attempt to justify his dislike of e-cigarettes.

The result of this lunatic cocktail of crank theories is a lunatic conclusion: that a chair that has been exposed to what is basically steam poses a health threat to anyone who lays a finger on it.

Do these people realise how mad they sound? Do they care?

Fundamentalism does strange things to people's minds.


castello said...

Gone off the deep end!

Anonymous said...

The Tobacco Control Industry has jumped the shark. Now the politicians and press of the world needs to decide, disassociate or go down with the sinking ship.

Anonymous said...

Paul Austin, USA said....
"Samet has real scientific qualifications"?!!!!
Really, Mr. Snowden? Samet will fabricate statistical correlation between begonias and rear end cancer if given enough time and lots & lots of taxpayer money.
Have you forgotten his milksop declaration that there is a connection between brain cancer and cell phones 2 years ago: