Monday 17 March 2014

Hysterical anti-sugar campaigner complains about anti-sugar hysteria

In the Observer yesterday, Action on Sugar's scientific director, Aseem Malhotra, tried to strike a conciliatory note..

Our aim is to press the food industry into reducing added sugar in processed foods. We are not telling you – despite some of the screaming "sugar is toxic" headlines – that bananas and oranges are evil.

Where did all these irresponsible newspapers get the "screaming 'sugar is toxic' headlines" from? Step forward, Dr Aseem Malhotra...

Aseem Malhotra, October 2012: "There is mounting scientific evidence that not only is sugar toxic to the body..."
Aseem Malhotra, January 2013: "A paediatric endocrinologist, Prof Robert Lustig, has highlighted the toxic, addictive and appetite-driving properties of sugar."

Aseem Malhotra, February 2013: “It’s not only toxic to the liver but it increases the risk of Type 2 diabetes.”

Aseem Malhotra, March 2014: "Scientific studies reveal that the fructose component of added sugar is toxic..."

As for oranges and bananas being evil, no one is saying that, but since Malhotra thinks that "fructose is a poison", that would be his logical conclusion. Or it would be if he understood that fructose in the intrinsic sugar in fruit. Which he doesn't.


A few more examples of the good doctor definitely not encouraging people to believe that 'sugar is toxic'...

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