Thursday 20 March 2014

Quote of the day

A health expert

"Just because they are safer than cigarettes doesn't make them a healthier alternative"
—Award winning anti-smoking expert Stanton Glantz

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Biff Wilson said...

Get a load of that beer gut

nisakiman said...

He looks like he's a statistic in the 'obesity epidemic' to me. Hasn't anybody told him that sugar is deadly? Kills half it's users prematurely, doesn't it?

And don't get me started on the dangers of second-hand sugar...Did you know that second-hand sugar is as deadly as first-hand sugar? It's true! EXPERTS have said, so it must be true..

Anonymous said...

Words are hard.

Anonymous said...

Words are hard.

Layman said...

I'm confused. If "a" is safer than "b", then isn't "a" healthier than "b"? Or are we talking about fire hazard? I assume the underlying topic is affects on health, so "safer" means "healthier", doesn't it?

Unknown said...

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