Friday 14 March 2014

Banning fast food outlets

God almighty, it never ends...

Takeaway clampdowns 'may combat obesity epidemic'

Restricting the number of fast-food outlets around offices and homes could help combat the obesity epidemic, UK researchers say.

Notice how the Beeb takes it as read that there is an obesity 'epidemic'.

Dr Thomas Burgoine, who led the study, told BBC News: "Those most exposed to takeaway food outlets overall were nearly twice as likely to be obese, compared to those least exposed."

"Exposed to takeaway food outlets". Exposed! Like it's some sort of virus rather than a shop on a street.

Measures to restrict access, such as not opening takeaway restaurants near schools, may help, scientists report in the BMJ.

If you class some doofus with a degree in geography as a scientist. I notice that legendary quackademic Jill Pell is involved as well.

Others argue that policymakers should focus on making fast food more healthy.

This is a class BBC false dichotomy. One one side, there's meddling with the number of food outlets. On the other side, there's meddling with the food they're allowed to serve. Option 3 is that it's none of the government's damn business, but that didn't make the final copy.

"It is difficult now to imagine a world in which broccoli rivals chips at the takeaway counter, but small steps in this direction are already being taken."

I bet they are, you vicious, statist crank.

"Our research suggests that policies to make our neighbourhood more healthy by restricting access to takeaway food might be successful," said Dr Burgoine.

Sorry to ruin your party but they do deliveries. Your move.


Unknown said...

A less ideologically motivated analysis might well conclude that take-aways open in areas where demand for take-away food is high.
Increasing supply does not magically increase demand, after all.

Ben said...

"policymakers should focus on making fast food more healthy."
And of course, they should also force people to eat what is being labeled as Fast Food.

But then, what is unhealthy about some bread, some meat, a leaf of salad and a slice of tomato? What do these people eat at home? No bread, no meat?