Tuesday 25 March 2014

E-cigarettes and thought experiments

I've written a blog post for Save E-cigs...

The classic thought experiment is to imagine how putative health groups would react to the creation of a safe cigarette. In this hypothetical situation, those who are genuinely concerned with health would be delighted while the moral crusaders and anti-industry fanatics would be inconsolable. Thanks to the e-cigarette, this scenario is no longer hypothetical and what a litmus test it has been for those of us who have always wondered how many zealots and opportunists were masquerading as health campaigners.

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Junican said...

You missed out a group, Chris - the charlatans. The puritans might have been seen off a long time ago, but it is the charlatans who organised the money and set up systems designed to make more money. What resulted was an unholy alliance of zealots who were relying on the money men to spread their gospel and money men who needed the zealots to get bans.