Wednesday 25 June 2014

Siegel on Chapman and Glantz

From Michael Siegel's blog... the anti-smoking movement, you don't need to be honest and truthful. As long as your intentions are good, you can get away with lying and with making false and defamatory accusations. The ends are all that matter, and if you use defamatory means to reach those ends, it's perfectly acceptable.

And he's in the anti-smoking movement!

The subject of his blog post is the latest lies being spread by the Laurel and Hardy of tobacco control, Simon Chapman and Stan Glantz. Go read it.

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Anonymous said...

Siegel should know. He doesn't lie outright; he simply passes on propaganda figures such as his 53,000 yearly deaths in the U.S. from secondhand smoke (Glantz's figure, I believe) that have no creditable basis. Besides, he's cited as authority in at least one of his studies the 1992 EPA report, which to this day he refuses to reject. It's as though Judge Osteen never existed!