Monday 23 June 2014

Fat tax video nasty

This video is almost impossible to watch. It features three insufferable talking heads competing to be the most intolerant and ignorant health fascist in Britain. The panel highlights the broad appeal of the nanny state to certain groups of useful idiots. The upper class snob, the know-nothing journalist and the unfunny liberal-left comedian are all united in their desire to make the poor poorer. The only voice of sanity—though heavily outnumbered on this BBC show—is Vicky Beeching.

The main focus of the debate is taxing food, but most of the speakers want to go much further than that. It is a horrifying spectacle.


Dr Evil said...

What a bunch of snobbish neoprohibitionist bastards, apart from the blonde woman who mentioned the Danish fat tax and its failure. they ignored that sand carried on. Banning KFC and MacDonalds is just outrageous. Education about healthy eating and having a burger occasionally rather than very frequently. Apparently pizza is an exception. Now he talks about a licence scheme. Ye Gods!

Zaphod said...

This is just too awful.
I got halfway through, but I can't take any more!

These people are human?

Junican said...

I thought that it was absolutely hilarious! Monty Python would have struggled to equal it. (By the way, why are there no programmes like that any more? Are they too politically incorrect?)

The two dancing ladies were both a touch on the plump side, but did you see the guy in the background wearing a white shirt and shorts who crossed the road! It tickled me pink!

I didn't know that Christine Odine (?) was such a snob. She used to write for the catholic paper called -The Universe (I think that was its name) some years ago. You would have thought that a little humility might have rubbed off. 'Fast food joints in wealthy areas are OK because her 'friends' use private health rather than the NHS'. How comical! The guy with the turban said, "25% of the people are obese". Should that not be 'overweight or obese'? Again and again we see the conflation of the two. They are two different things. Overweight is a 'range' depending upon some sort of average. Obese is absolute (beyond a given point on the scales). About the turbaned, do not the words 'beam' and 'mote' come to mind?

Personally, I think programmes such as this are great. They show just how silly and judgemental these people are.