Saturday 14 June 2014

Enjoy the game

It's an 11pm kick off for England tonight, so if you're planning to watch the game in a pub remember that the public health racket did its best to stop you.

Alcohol industry wins, public health loses at World Cup 2014

Brazil may be favored to win the 2014 World Cup, which begins on Thursday, but the real winner will be the alcohol industry — and the real loser will be public health — according to a troubling article published today in the BMJ (formerly known as the British Medical Journal [er, it still is—CJS]).

Reporter Jonathan Gornall...

Oh dear. You may recall Jonathan Gornall from his EU-funded hatchet job in the BMJ earlier this year. Gornall writes essentially the same article over and over again, all blaming the drinks industry when the government rejects a temperance policy.

... points first to how the British government, under immense pressure from “drink companies” did a “humiliating U-turn over its alcohol policies” earlier this year and loosened its licensing laws to permit pubs in England and Wales to stay open longer during England matches with a late kick-off.

Splendid. According to Gornall, we have the British Beer and Pub Association to thank for being able to watch the football in a convivial atmosphere. Win, lose or draw, the experience will be all the sweeter for knowing that the British Meddling Association will be crying into their cocoa at the thought of people enjoying themselves.

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Frank J said...

What do they call 'pressure' these days? The fact that these 'companies' make profit and the prospect of losing the tax take worries the Govt.? Of course it will! And so it should!

Typical socialist crap.