Tuesday 18 February 2014

The fizzy drink prohibitionists

So. This is really happening.

In New Zealand, a group of 'public health doctors' have formed an organisation called Fizz which is seeking the outright prohibition of sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs). You think I'm exaggerating? I am not exaggerating.

They are currently holding a conference which includes contributions from Robert "beware of the bees" Lustig and Mike "give me a sign, Lord" Rayner. Here's a taster...

Follow Carrick Graham for updates from the conference and see Dick Puddlecote for details of 'the next logical step': plain packaging for soft drinks.

Repeat after me. There is no slippery slope.


Ooh, they have a declaration. Banning fizzy drinks will reduce depression, suicide and crime, apparently. Inevitably, it says that sugary drinks "should be treated in the same manner as tobacco", ie. banned. It's always fun to see Public Health's mask of sanity slip. It's an increasingly frequent event.

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