Thursday 27 February 2014

So farewell then, Nannying Tyrants

I'm sad to hear that Jay AKA Nannying Tyrants has finally had enough of illiberal Britain and has decided to emigrate.

That's right. We're gone.

And the reason is because we simply could not stand to live in a country where almost every liberty and right we had enjoyed was systematically destroyed in less than a decade. The seeds of our discontent were sown in July 2007 when the smoking ban took effect. We were no longer considered as adults. We had become wards of the Nanny State. Since then, we've seen ever more intrusive nannying & nudging legislation coming from both the UK & EU, and we've seen our government do everything it can to restrict freedom of speech because the politicians are seeking to control every aspect of our lives. The only solution was to escape the UK/EU monstrosity, to leave home for another country...

So. I've left England. And this is my final blog post for Nannying Tyrants. I want to thank everybody who has helped me along the way -- too many people to list. I hope that someday all of you will have had enough and get out of your comfort zone and fight back, or maybe you could try to leave for somewhere slightly less oppressive. Till that day comes, do take care and good luck. I think you're going to need it.

I can't say I blame him. Many liberal-minded people have emigration in mind as a Plan B if the petty tyranny of lifestyle regulation and so-called public health continues to dominate the political agenda. For the time being, we'll keep fighting to get our country back, but we'll miss you, Jay, and might come knocking on your door in the not-too-distant future.

If only the real nannying tyrants would bugger off. 

Do read his whole post.

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Pat Nurse MA said...

I can't wait to get some relief from the oppressive UK for a couple of months in summer at least but sadly I have to come back.

The real Nannying Tyrants have brought fascism to the once fair and tolerant UK. Shame on them for ruining our children's future and shame on all of the vile politicians who support hate without even realising what they're doing.