Friday 16 August 2013

There's a simple explanation for this

From the Australian Medical Association (New South Wales division)...

Impact of tobacco retailers on disadvantaged and remote areas must be addressed

So now it's the retailers' fault that people smoke?

There is a great need to address the impact of tobacco retail outlets on the health of the NSW community, particularly in disadvantaged and remote areas.


AMA (NSW) President A/Prof Brian Owler said, “The Cancer Council NSW report released today showed that there are five times more tobacco retailers than pharmacies in NSW and that there is a higher density of tobacco retail outlets in disadvantaged and remote areas."

Since when did the ratio between tobacco retailers and pharmacists become a measure of anything? Does Brian think that people would buy five times as many bandages and aspirin if there were five times as many pharmacists? Perhaps he does, as he seems to think that people would buy less tobacco if there were fewer tobacconists. These are people who think you can make dogs happy by wagging their tails.

As for there being more tobacco retailers in "disadvantaged" neighbourhoods, this is because there is a strong inverse relationship between income and smoking prevalence. People in low-paid manual labour are three times more likely to smoke than people in managerial occupations. It's called demand. Brian nearly manages to put two and two together, but in the end comes up with five...

“This is particularly alarming as people in disadvantaged communities are more likely to be smokers"



Anonymous said...

Perhaps the health of the people is such that they don't need a profusion of pharmacies.

Rursus said...

May be you have noticed that more and more pharmacies are around you?

Long time ago... there were a butcher, a baker on every corner.


Anonymous said...

Yes, and the other day I was invited by a pharmacist into a private room to 'discuss' my medication. I was picking up a prescription issued by my doctor. I declined, politely. I said I thought there's too much NHS intervention these days. If I need advice I'll ask for it. I beware of offers of help and advice which come unrequested and unwanted, and unneeded.

Zaphod said...

Why do the affluent areas, (with so few smokers), have such an excessive need for pharmacies?

Epidemiological research needed?