Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Risk taking racing drivers

My God, he's drinking as well!

Stanton Glantz wants smoking and cigarette logos removed from trailers for Rush, a film about a racing driver who smoked and had a Marlboro logo on his car and jacket throughout his career.

As Timandra says...

Anthony Masters has more.

And don't forget this Formula One-related paranoia from 2010.

Oh, and Glantz's one man crusade against Avatar.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the share, Chris.
This is a strange hysteria: it is simply a matter of historical record. You can't promote a film about a racing driver without showing their car.

Curmudgeon said...

James Hunt was well-known in his retirement as a smoker of dope as well.

And, what's next, a biopic of Hitler without the mass murder? Oh, I forgot, smoking's worse than mass murder.

Jonathan Bagley said...

BTW the film is rated R - I guess because of the smoking. The makers probably decided that a titanic 1970s battle between a British legend and an Austrian guy with a burnt head probably wouldn't appeal to the typical American teenager anyway, so why not keep all the smoking in. Or maybe it was because of the burnt head scenes. Remember the mothers who complained about the young, female, one-armed TV presenter.

nisakiman said...

James Hunt wasn't the only one:

Jean Granville said...

If I could use photoshop, I would make a plain car, more or less brown with "driving kills" banners everywhere. Perhaps that would please Stan.

Rursus said...

Because smoking was the most dangerous thing about motor sport?