Friday 23 August 2013

Australian of the week

The latest mission creep from Down Under...

Professor Jonathan Shaw wants sitting for over two hours illegal to stop diabetes

The law must be changed to make it illegal for workers to sit for more than two hours at a time says a leading health expert alarmed at rising diabetes rates.

Professor Jonathan Shaw whose 12-year "AusDiab" study on the health status of 11,000 Australians calculates that 269 adults develop diabetes every day and says drastic measure are needed.

"We need changes to occupational health and safety regulations so it is not allowed for people to sit for two hours at a time without a break," he said.

Words fail me.

Professor Shaw also advocated a tax on junk food, subsidies for healthy foods, standing desks in workplaces and stairs more accessible to encourage more physical activity.

A rule banning sitting for more than two hours might not go down well with employers but they should "look on it as a long-term investment in their employees," he said.

What does one do during a break from sitting? Running? Trampolining? Swimming? Welcome to the wacky world of lifestyle fascism, where 'public health' means 'private health' and taking a break means being forced to do vigorous physical exercise.


Jonathan Bagley said...

Well ecigs have made this problem worse with people not going out for smoking breaks.

NJS said...

You go out and light-up a big fat Turkish cigarette, take a hefty pinch of snuff and follow it all up with a cadger's bowl of pipe baccy.

nisakiman said...

What does one do during a break from sitting?

Yes, as stated above, you go for a cigarette break. What could be better? And what with the demented Aussies demanding people move Lord-knows-how-many metres from the doorways, it will provide plenty of exercise.

Unknown said...

Can't wait for the first fine to be issued to a wheelchair user for sitting down all day long. Or has he discovered the means to make the lame walk (or at least stand up)?

Do these people just begin a sentence and see where their brain takes them?

Jean Granville said...

He's right. After two hours sitting, it's time for a siesta.

Junican said...

That clap-trap is what TC has spawned. Our wonderful politicians must be overjoyed by the objective 'proof' of their legislation, which is based upon - nothing.

Junican said...

Would that included Members of Parliament, do you think?

Eric Crampton said...

Combine this with the finding that those having more sex earn more money. If sex increases productivity and we can't let workers sit for more than two hours, well, I'll leave the policy conclusion as an exercise for the reader.