Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Smoking ban 'cuts suicide rate'

It didn't really, of course, but that headline wouldn't be any more silly than the one the BBC went with today:

Smoking ban 'cuts heart attacks'

The number of people suffering heart attacks has reduced since the smoking ban in Wales began, a report by the chief medical officer has found.

I can't argue with that. To two events undeniably coincided. Of course, the heart attack rate also fell consistently for six years before the smoking ban, but the BBC omits to mention that. 

So if the smoking ban was responsible for that, it must also be responsible for this:

Figures also showed fewer children were being injured by cars, with Wales three years ahead of a target reduction.

And this:

Suicide rates across all age groups have also fallen.

These things happened at the same time and, therefore, must have happened as a result. Post hoc ergo propter hoc - the source of all superstition. An old woman moved to the village and the crops failed, therefore she is a witch. I walked under a ladder and later lost my job. I took my lucky heather to the football and my team won.

Pathetic. And if the smoking ban 'cut heart attacks' in 2007/08, what sorcery is responsible for the rate rising in 2008/09?


Anonymous said...

Less heart attacks in Wales
Oh bloody hell
Even more reasons to watch your back.

West Saxon

Keep your water, we've got loads of our own.

Anonymous said...

They will have no problem explaining the rise from 2008-2009. It will go like this, smoking bans result in higher levels of smoking, higher levels of smoking result in more heart attacks, therefore smoking bans are a good thing.
Or something like that.
Bread buttered on both sides anyone?