Thursday, 10 December 2009

"Is that so much to ask?"

From Santa Cruz, where the smoking ban just became a little bit more "comprehensive":

Click on the photo to make it larger. Amongst the places in which it is now illegal to smoke are "within 25 feet of any door or open window". So, in effect, pretty much everywhere, indoors and outdoors. The law was passed unanimously by the City Council. 

John Banzhaf, 1977: 

"Where you try to ban it entirely on a street or something like that, obviously you're going to have problems. But what we have found is if you have a law, if you provide separate smoking sections, if the restrictions are not onerous or whatever, if you don't have large fines or make it a major criminal problem it a then you have reasonable compliance."

John Banzhaf, 2003: 

"When we started to fight for nonsmokers, we started with airplanes. No one then thought we'd be successful at banning smoking in bars, banning smoking outdoors. We took the easier ones first. Each step builds on the one that comes before."

Thanks to Becky for the photo.

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