Thursday, 24 December 2009

Bad Santa Cruz

These signs are currently being put up all over the Californian town of Santa Cruz. All of the above are now illegal in outdoor public areas there.

What next from the land of the free?

Thanks to Becky for the photo.


banned said...

I've never particularly wanted to visit Santa Cruz anyway.

Anonymous said...

California is America's most beautiful state. Because of this, it's also America's most populous state.

Personally, I wish coastal California would just fall into the Pacific Ocean. California has become America's disease.

Anonymous said...

University of California Santa Cruz, UCSF, is also known as Uncle Charlie's Summer Camp by working-class locals, if there are any remaining, who are not among the extremely wealthy who inhabit that sacred realm of today's inherited upper class of tomorrow's fake-liberal fake-progressive world leaders.

Uncle Charlies Summer Camp is such because of the poshness of vehicles, among college students, it is full of shiny new Maseratis, Benzs and Porsches, all symbols of their extremely wealthy upbringing, coupled with UCSF's grading system that prohibits actual grading based on performance, talent, ability or intellectual acuity and instead requires that all students be given high marks and awarded diplomas, or licenses to rule over the little stupid poor people, over the serfs, in such diverse areas as multicultural studies, global warming and saving the whales, polar bears and yellow snail/slugs.

Santa Cruz is also in a race with Berkeley and San Francisco to be the first city in the nation to welcome, honour and adore the new Hitler, when his spirit arrives, under the propaganda guise of it being the most liberal-progressive lifestyle, thus "good", that can be foisted upon anyone and everyone, whether of that persuasion or not.

As for smoking in Santa Cruz, it is not just smoking but "possession" of tobacco, even chewing tobacco, that is illegal and subject to criminal arrest and punishment, in all city parks.

Nothing considered "bad" by the ruling class of millionaires who have taken over the western coast of the US must be permitted unpunished, no reason for a good banning, criminal punishment and propaganda campaign against the wishes of the lower classes left unturned - and all implemented in the name of "goodness", as per the ruling class's propaganda in all these cities, not just Santa Cruz but in the others ringing San Francisco Bay.

The new signs went up in San Francisco this month, strongly bolted to telephone poles as if to last the next 1,000 years, showing a scraggily drawn illustration of a flaming ember meant to depict a cigarette, drawn in a manner to push instant fear and loathing into all who see it, along with the words in 3 languages making clear, it will be a $500 fine if caught smoking outdoors in precious city-owned recreational areas, soon to be extended to all outdoor areas come 2010 when tobacco retailing is restricted to just 500 remaining vendors and then cut back each year until none remain.

There is NO tolerance in the land of California, especially anywhere around the San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Cruz included.

And if anyone disagrees and says there is NO tolerance, they are quickly bad-mouthed into silence by an elitist controlled propaganda machine that makes sure the new Reich lasts 1,000 years, just like the solidness of the bolts holding all these purely fascists signs of theirs onto lamp-posts and telephone poles in every direction along every street and corridor for as far and as wide as the eye can see.

It is thus a controlled world held in cheque by powers higher up, those of the inherited and landed gentry types who can afford to live the high-class life of luxury and want NOBODY and NO THING to stand in the way of their demands and the realities of life.

Given time, they will order up concentration camps, I am certain, all along the western shores of the US to pen up anyone not of the fake-liberal fake-progressive political elitist's liking and then go on to implement this control onto the rest of the US which is still fast asleep not aware of what the communist state of California has already turned into.

I moved out of Santa Cruz several decades ago and wil never move back to such a one-party infested dictate to live under austere communist inspired laws again.

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected: University of California Santa Cruz, "UCSC", "Uncle Charlies Summer Camp" - is what I meant to say.

"UCSF" is University of California San Francisco, aka "University of California, School of Fascism", another story in and of itself - it being the home place of Stanton Glantz, famous for getting all the billions in financing donations UCSF receives from major pharmaceuticals for drumming up anti-smoking propganda and hate campaigns.

Anonymous said...

One more comment about Santa Cruz, but if you peruse the land deed records for that city and county you will find that in the time period between about the 1930's on up through the 1950's, it was extremely common within Santa Cruz county for land deeds to state explicitly, in black and white, admonishments against "negroes", "jews", some other specific identities listed for which ownership of land and housing was not permitted, nor if employed as servants for the wealthy, overnight stays were illegal.

This still exists, in black and white, in the Santa Cruz County land deed records as historical documents with the Country Recorder's office will full well prove.

In a different era, it was these fake-liberal fake-progressive areas of California that were quick to discriminate against people the politically elite and super wealthy did not approve or or like - and today, it is the EXACT SAME THING - with all their bans and signage disallowing NORMAL human behaviour to live freely within any of their presences.

Santa Cruz. What a dull and disgusting little hell-hole of an excuse for a city.