Thursday, 10 December 2009

Of pipes and pipe men

Another review to mention, this time from Pipes and Tobaccos magazine, an international publication for the discerning smoker, and they're very nice about it...

Prohibition by increments 

Velvet Glove, Iron Fist: A History of Anti-Smoking reveals the anti-smoking movement's ultimate motive

“From the very outset, the people of the Old World were divided between those who swiftly became enamored of tobacco and those who found the smell unpleasant and the habit depraved,” writes Christopher Snowdon in his ground-breaking, well-researched and riveting Velvet Glove, Iron Fist: A History of Anti-Smoking.

You can read the whole review online and, if pipes are your thing, you might consider taking a trial issue of the mag. And if you haven't read Velvet Glove yet, Amazon are currently selling it a discount in the UK and the US.


Anonymous said...
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Anon said...

As a pipe smoker of 40 years, I shall most certainly have a look at this.

Chris F J Cyrnik