Tuesday 8 March 2016

Notes from a non-scandal

Further to yesterday's post, there is a comment from the Charity Commission at the bottom of this article...

A spokesman for the Charity Commission said: “To be clear the Charity Commission did not call for, and was not consulted upon, the policy announced by the government on 6 February 2016, nor was it involved in its development.

"The Commission regularly meets with charities and those involved with the sector, for example the NCVO. This is a vital part of to being a modern, effective, outward looking regulator. The meeting in question was part of the Commission’s process of keeping abreast of discussion and events in the sector."

Clear enough, no? I assume this was tucked away at the end of the article in the hope that most readers won't get that far. The rest of the article is tinfoil hat editorialising.

Will we see a correction and clarification in next Sunday's Observer? Don't hold your breath.

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