Tuesday 29 March 2016

Mission creep, you say?

Tobacco Free Futures, which used to be Smokefree North West, are changing their name to Healthier Futures so they can get their snouts in the temperance and obesity troughs.

You may recall that Smokefree South West tried a similar trick when they changed their name to Public Health Action. You may also recall the UK Centre for Tobacco Studies turning itself into the UK Centre for Alcohol and Tobacco Studies.

How interesting to see activist groups turn from being predominantly about creating 'smokefree' places to making the country 'tobacco free' to laying into food and drink. No slippery slope, eh?

Taking Liberties says...

What makes me laugh is the fact that people like Andrew Crossman and, before her, Fiona Andrews at Smokefree South West, are arrogant enough to think they can switch overnight from being 'experts' on tobacco to become 'experts' on obesity and alcohol as well.

How hard can it be? All they have to do is say 'think of the children', make up some statistics, and demand tax and legislation. As 'Healthier Futures' says in its press release...

Materials have been re-cycled where possible. 

I'm sure they have.

Meanwhile, party is over for 'Public Health Action'. The government will finally stop showering them with taxpayers' money this summer. Judging by their website, they are now lobbyists for hire...

We offer evidence based, cost effective public health solutions.

Whether you need a behaviour change campaign, help raising awareness to a particular audience, or support in a specific area such as PR, brand identity or event management – we can deliver your objectives from start to finish.

Hopefully, Tobacco Free Futures sudden name change is a sign that they, too, will soon be weaned off the taxpayer's teat. 

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