Wednesday 23 March 2016

Let there be light (in the evening)

The clocks go forward this weekend. That is my annual cue to talk about what a marvellous thing British Summer Time is. This year, however, following a disagreement I had with Peter Hitchens in October (see below) and on the centenary of BST, I will making my case at the IEA where we hope to settle the issue once and for all. Tickets are free. If you are also free, come and join us.

Discussion: Rage, rage against the dying of the light

In 1916, the clocks went forward by one hour and the tradition of British Summer Time (BST) began. Introduced as a war-time measure to increase economic productivity and reduce energy consumption, the issue still provokes controversy 100 years later.

On the centenary of daylight saving time, join us at the IEA to debate the motion: 'British Summer Time should be scrapped'.

Speaking for the motion we are pleased to welcome back the Mail on Sunday's Peter Hitchens who describes BST as "fanatical and dictatorial" and says the system amounts to "lying about the time". Opposing the motion will be the IEA's head of lifestyle economics, Christopher Snowdon, who describes BST as "glorious" and wants it to be rolled out across the year.

RSVP via email or on 0207 799 8900.

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