Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Mad versus madder

It's a favourite trick of the 'public health' racket to ask for the impossible and then accuse the government of bowing down to Big Industry when it refuses to capitulate. We frequently see Big Alcohol and Big Tobacco cast in this role, and British campaigners are getting ready to do the same thing with Big Food when the new obesity strategy comes out.

But this is one of the most extreme examples I've ever come across...

Tasmanian Government following tobacco industry's instructions, says anti-smoking group

What do you suppose the government is about to do? Slash tobacco tax? Repeal the smoking ban? Give free cigarettes to school children?


SmokeFree Tasmania says the State Government is "following the script" of the tobacco industry with its proposed changes to the legal smoking age.

In December, Health Minister Michael Ferguson announced a five-year preventative health plan which included a proposal to lift the smoking age to as high as 25.

And according to the fruitcakes at SmokeFree Tasmania, banning people under the age of 25 from buying tobacco products is exactly what the manufacturers of tobacco products want.

But Professor Haydn Walters from SmokeFree Tasmania said while he supported the intention of the move, the Government needed to be braver "rather than serve the interests of the tobacco industry".

Professor Walters said the approach was "punitive" and would "criminalise smokers", and the emphasis should be on the "pushers and dealers".

'Pushers and dealers', for god's sake. Tasmania has a display ban, an advertising ban and plain packaging. The industry couldn't 'push' its products in a month of Sundays.

"We know it's pretty sure that it's what the tobacco industry has been telling the Government," he said.

"They've been telling the Government, 'Look, we'd be happy if you put up the age but don't do anything more dramatic'."

More dramatic than banning grown men and women from buying cigarettes? Like what? Full prohibition?!

Well, actually, yes...

SmokeFree Tasmania supports the alternative Tobacco-Free Generation (TFG) legislation, which was introduced by Windermere MLC Ivan Dean, because it does not "penalise smokers".

The TFG legislation would see tobacco products become illegal to buy for anyone born in the year 2000 or later.

You see, what these fanatics want is the total phase out of tobacco sales, with 18 year olds banned from buying tobacco in 2018, 28 year olds banned from buying it in 2028, 38 year olds banned from buying it in 2038 and so on. This, apparently, will not 'penalise smokers'. Er, except anyone born after 2000 who might feel like smoking in a few years time.

Professor Walters said big tobacco was obviously putting pressure on the State Government.



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