Wednesday, 10 February 2016

James Cracknell on Coke

Ex-rower James Cracknell has become to latest rich white guy to put his weight behind the sugar tax campaign. He's being supported by the centre-right think tank Policy Exchange, thus proving once again that when it comes to nanny state interference there is no separating socialists from conservatives.

Cracknell doesn't seem very sure that a sugar tax will actually 'work' but he thinks it's worth a try. The £1 billion a year cost will fall disproportionately on the plebs, after all.

Guido has picked up on a Tweet I sent in the wee, small hours suggesting that Cracknell might not be the best chap to front a campaign against fizzy drinks. When asked by Men's Health about his vices, he said:

"I used to put ketchup on everything... Now I just drink a lot of Coke."

Cracknell's interest in 'The Real Thing' doesn't end there. Giving tips to would-be Olympic rowers, he said:

"My 'pro's secret' is to drink a flat Coke towards the end of a ride. It will perk you up no end."

And reminiscing about rowing the Atlantic, he said...

"I was so exhausted I started to hallucinate being back home with a long, tall glass of ice-cold Coca-Cola."

In his rowing days, Cracknell was consuming 6,000 calories a day and drinking Lucozade for breakfast.

"I don't limit myself, if I have a craving for something I eat it. Life's too short to worry about every mouthful."

Well said. Maybe a spot of physical activity might be a better option that trying to tax couch potatoes into submission?

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