Friday 5 February 2016

Goodbye and good riddance

It's always nice to see a leech being pulled off the arteries of the taxpayer...

Smokefree South West to close this summer after cuts to funding

Taking Liberties has the full details, but isn't it telling that these organisations make no attempt to carry on with private donations once the state withdraws its funding? Take away taxpayers' money and they're dead. The public don't want to know.

This 100% state-funded lobby group has burned millions of pounds of our money in recent years to harass and demonise smokers. Dishonest to the last, its final act before it had its ill-gotten gains withdrawn was to retweet a lie from one of its fellow state-funded sock puppets.

A few months ago this parasitic organisation changed its name to Public Health Action in order to do 'denormalise' alcohol (that ol' slippery slope once more). Thankfully, drinkers have been spared the attention of these bullies, but the damage they have done to smokers - and to pubs, via the smoking ban - will endure.

Let's hope the long overdue defunding of this mob is only the start.

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