Wednesday 4 September 2013

The Total Consumption Model fails again

New research from Australia shows that total alcohol consumption has been falling but heavy drinking has been rising. This flies in the face of the Total Consumption Model so beloved of 'public health' campaigners. I've written a blog post about it for the IEA here. Do go have a read of it.

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Vova said...

Yes, well it was always bollocks - another example of the epistemological inadequacies of the 'public health' sociologists. For the most part it barely occurred to them that the correlation (cross-sectional or temporal)between the proportion of heavy drinkers/alcoholics and mean consumption was a simple tautology.
When they tried to investigate this (Rose & Day they f***ed up the stats. So as I say - it was always bollocks but it's encouraging to see that a few other people are recognising that.