Wednesday 18 September 2013

The sugar "endgame"

Further to what I was saying yesterday, here's the New Zealand 'public health' lobby on the march:

Sugary drinks would be banned and a tax slapped on all sugar-sweetened drinks under a proposal by Auckland University researcher Gerhard Sundborn, to be presented at the Public Health Association conference today.

In a first step to combat the obesity epidemic, Dr Sundborn said the prolific consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks should be tackled by the Government in a sugar-free strategy, with drinks regulated in the same way tobacco had been.

"These beverages are harmful and very addictive, and these companies look at getting our children hooked. They don't have any nutritional value in them at all, and a huge amount of sugar, caffeine and flavourings."

An end-game strategy could see the advertising and sale of sugar-free drinks regulated and replaced by healthier artificially sweetened drinks, or water and milk.

Keep yapping, 'health experts'. Let it all out. Only by hearing what you really think will the public realise that everything we've said about your endless, obsessive, puritanical crusade for lifestyle regulation is true.


Chris said...

Putting aside all the bollocks about sugar being as harmful as tobacco -

"They don't have any nutritional value in them at all"

They're not supposed to - it's a drink. How much nutritional value does a bottle of mineral water have?

Stewart Cowan said...

"...replaced by healthier artificially sweetened drinks..."

Shows how out of touch these fools are. Aspartame is blamed on dozens of serious diseases and conditions. See:

And this video is revealing:

But then Agenda 21 - sustainability - means fewer people, so what better way to depopulate the earth and get away with it than to start poisoning children slowly, while pretending it's for their own good?

Mark Wadsworth said...

Top stuff, completely lacking in logic.

In the real world, you can ban stuff (make it illegal) or you can accept it is legal but tax it. You can't do both.

Jonathan Bagley said...

I'm guessing this
is what they have in mind. The Isle of Man ban is still in place but still trouble four years on.