Saturday, 7 September 2013

Saturday idiots

The war on fructose is being taken to its logical conclusion...

From ASH Wales...

It certainly didn't hurt the hurt the tobacco industry, but the pub, club and bingo industries might have something to say about that.

Meanwhile, ASH Wales' Scottish counterparts are hopping mad about Celtic football club - brace yourself - allowing people to use e-cigarettes in their stadium. They're even selling them. Oh, the humanity!

Sheila Duffy, chief executive of Ash Scotland, said: "I am disappointed by the Celtic decision. Electronic cigarettes are much safer than tobacco, but they are produced by companies whose profit is money...

OMG, businesses are run for profit! Why can't they rely on hand outs from the taxpayer like ASH?

Can we crowbar in a reference to the tobacco industry?

"E-lites is not owned by a tobacco company but the tobacco companies have an interest in promoting dual use."

Yes we can!

Stewart Maxwell, MSP for West of Scotland, said: "I am very disappointed an extremely big and successful football club such as Celtic would get involved with this type of sponsorship deal.

"The whole campaign to ban smoking in public places was about de-normalising smoking as an activity in public."

I thought the smoking ban was to 'protect' bar staff from secondhand smoke. Thanks for clearing that up, Stewart.


Ivan D said...

We should perhaps consider appropriate legislation to deal with people who feel that it is perfectly acceptable to advocate "de-normalisation" in public?

I favour transporting them to a place where they can live amongst others exclusively of their own kind. The worry is that I cannot think of anywhere sufficiently sparsely inhabited where such a policy would not constitute cruelty to the existing population.

Scotland might volunteer to take them as its population appears to accept authoritarian ideologues more readily than most.

Junican said...

Stewart must be wrong. Wasn't there lots of evidence of damage to bar staff? How much evidence was there that the ban would de-normalise smoking? He must be wrong.