Monday 22 March 2021


Some happy news to cheer you up in these troubled times...

IRN-BRU bosses have revealed their 1901 recipe which is crammed with MORE sugar than the axed pre-sugar tax original is back for good.

AG Barr's confirmed the 'old and unimproved' recipe will return to shops permanently today.

We previously revealed the 1901 Bru from the firm's archives is packed with 10.6g of sugar per 100ml.

The original Irn-Bru — axed after a new sugary drinks tax — had 10.3g.

Fans hailed the 1901 version of the drink as 'glorious' during a limited run last year.


In effect, AG Barr's sugar reduction scheme has led to there being more sugar in Irn-Bru than there was before. Way to go, Public Health England!

For more on this elaborate reverse ferret, see my article from 2019.

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