Friday, 31 August 2018

Red Bullshit

The government announced a ban on the sale of energy drinks to 'children' yesterday. This was actually announced in the childhood obesity strategy months ago, but there was so many awful proposals in the strategy that no one really noticed it.

It became front page news yesterday because the government has launched the public consultation and because it's August. I wrote about the policy for Spectator Health (spoiler: I'm agin).

His restaurant empire may be falling apart but Jamie Oliver can console himself that he’s still running the country. At the start of the year, the celebrity chef launched a campaign to ban the sale of energy drinks to children. When Mr Oliver says jump, the government invariably says ‘how high?’, and so it came to pass – a mere eight months later – that Theresa May has interrupted her overseas trip to announce such a ban.

Do read it all.

See also this Daily Mail article about a 'backlash' against the proposal that seems to be just me.

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