Monday, 27 August 2018

Nanny statist arrested

You may be familiar with Thomas Frieden. He led the charge for sky-high tobacco taxes in New York and was the architect of the city's draconian smoking ban...

Although Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg is more closely associated with a law that bans smoking citywide, the legislation was actually developed by Dr. Frieden, who was also given responsibility for helping to push it through the City Council.

He pushed for a ban on large servings of fizzy drinks (thankfully overturned by the courts) and is a keen supporter of sin taxes on soft drinks...

In 2009, Frieden took to the pages of the New England Journal of Medicine to sell the need for a soda tax. “It is difficult to imagine producing behavior change of this magnitude through education alone, even if government devoted massive resources to the task,” Frieden wrote. “Only heftier taxes will significantly reduce consumption.”

After persecuting smokers in New York, he became the head of the Centers for Disease Control where he conflated vaping with tobacco and lied about e-cigarettes...

It is shameful that the CDC, the nation’s leading institute of public health, doesn’t acknowledge the value of e-cigarettes as a substitute for cancer-causing cigarettes.

In an ad campaign launched three weeks ago, Dr. Frieden, a longtime critic of vaping, went so far as to warn that e-cigarettes do not help people quit and even lead to collapsed lungs. These claims are patently false but they are part of a larger anti-e-cigarette agenda that simply keeps smokers puffing on deadly cigarettes – after all, why switch if vaping is as bad as smoking?

Since leaving the CDC, he has been given a fortune by his old mate Michael Bloomberg to promote his illiberal lifestyle regulation agenda worldwide.

And so I am delighted to report that he's been arrested.

Former CDC head Tom Frieden charged with forcibly touching woman

Dr. Thomas Frieden, the former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, was arrested Friday and charged with forcible touching, according to the New York Police Department.

A law enforcement official told CNN that authorities filed three charges against Frieden stemming from an alleged incident in his home in Brooklyn Heights in October.

 Frieden, 57, who left the CDC in January 2017, was arraigned in Brooklyn Criminal Court to face one count of forcible touching, one count of sex abuse in the third degree and one count of harassment in the second degree, authorities said. He was released on his own recognizance.

It's important to stress that these are only allegations and nothing has been proven. The same applies to the alleged sex pest Stanton Glantz. These men are innocent until proven guilty and it is not for us to speculate about whether they are a pair of criminals who have got their comeuppance.

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