Friday 27 November 2015

Something wicked this way comes

A remarkably large number of sugar-related events will be taking place on Monday.

Firstly, Jamie Oliver's sugar tax petition will be debated in parliament.

Secondly, 'Sugar Awareness Week' - an invention of the Action on Sugar cranks - will begin.

Thirdly, the government sock puppet lobbyists Give Up Loving Pop (GULP) will be launching a state-funded anti-sugar film. They've been letting their natural supporters know about it in advance.

Being a 100% state-funded organisation, GULP is naturally lobbying the government for a sugar tax. That's how it works in the sockpuppet state.

Last but by no means least, Sarah Wollaston's Health Committee on Childhood Obesity will be publishing the findings from the sugar-obsessed circus that masqueraded as an evidence-gathering session last month.

Taken together, along with the BBC's dishonest claim that childhood obesity is rising, it looks very much like a co-ordinated campaign to soften us up for something. You don't think, just possibly, that somebody might be about to demand a new tax, do you?

Perish the thought.

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