Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Seven teaspoons of sugar!

Oh, what now?

A diabetic MP is asking Coca-Cola not to bring its Christmas truck to Leicester, accusing the company of marketing a "real health hazard".

Keith Vaz insists he does not want to be a "killjoy", but said the truck would send the wrong message in a city where diabetes is rising and a third of children have tooth decay.

He predicts people will protest if the truck does come to the city.

 I predict they won't. Has Vaz lost his marbles?

"I know people like special things happening at Christmas, but Coca-Cola are coming to promote their product and in each can of Coke there are seven teaspoons of sugar," he said.

Seven teaspoons of sugar! SEVEN TEASPOONS OF SUGAR! The Coke lorry is coming! Run for the hills! Think of the children!

Apparently we were on the winning side of a world war seventy years ago. It's increasingly difficult to see how we pulled that off.

PS. In this week's Sunday Times, Jamie Oliver had another pop at breakfast cereals for having too much sugar in them and the presented us with a 'healthy' breakfast recipe for granola, with 32 grammes of sugar in each serving.

32 grammes is the equivalent of eight teaspoons of sugar. Will Keith Vaz be protesting against the fat-tongued one next time he visits Leicester?

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