Wednesday 29 July 2015

Outdoor smoking ban consultation

The public consultation on the 'voluntary ban' on smoking outdoors in Brighton and Hove is online. It's a simple survey which only takes two minutes to complete so please do so. There are various nosy questions about sexuality, race and so on, but you can ignore them.

Give 'em hell...


Simon Clark is getting déja vu...

We all know where this is heading.

It reminds me of the three or four year period before MPs voted for a national workplace smoking ban.

Prior to the 2005 election the Labour government showed very little desire to introduce a comprehensive, nationwide ban. Instead it was rumoured Tony Blair was happy to leave it to local authorities to decide their own policy.

One day therefore I would find myself addressing a council committee in Plymouth. A few weeks later I'd be doing the same in Middlesbrough, then St Albans, and so on.

A decade or so later we're facing a similar situation, but the issue now is outdoor smoking.


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