Monday 22 June 2015

Non-existent slippery slope still non-existent

From RTE News (Ireland)...

A new system of labelling alcohol products with health warnings, alcohol levels and calorie counts has been recommended in a new report, seen by RTÉ News.

The Oireachtas Health Committee report advocates the introduction of health warnings on alcohol products "in a similar fashion to tobacco legislation".

The report, which will be published on Monday, advocates that "clear health warnings are to be included on alcohol products, indicating that alcohol causes disease."

It continues that the health "warnings should be given prominence with an emphasis on visual graphic designs for maximum effect".

Meanwhile in the UK...

Aynsley Green, the former children's commissioner for England, wants warnings on labels to state clearly that "alcohol can damage the health of your unborn child." At the moment many bottles and cans carry a symbol showing the silhouette of a pregant woman with a line through it. Campaigners for and against the warnings argue that this has no impact.

Aynsley Green says the graphic images similar to those used on cigarette packets should be considered.

Next stop, plain packaging.

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