Tuesday, 2 June 2015

ASH are back

Everyone's least favourite prohibitionist pressure group are back after a scarcely earned break with another wave of ideas about how to harass smokers. I've written about some of them for The Spectator...

Every few years, Action on Smoking and Health draws up a wish list of all the policies it would introduce if it was king for the day. It then spends the next few years lobbying ferociously and watches with a satisfied smirk as every single one of their brainwaves becomes the law of the land.

The manifesto of this tiny pressure group is, in effect, the manifesto of whichever party is in power. The only difference is that governments often ignore their own manifesto commitments (such as Labour’s 2005 pledge to exempt private members clubs from the smoking ban) whereas the ASH manifesto is always implemented to the letter.

Do go read the rest.

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