Friday 27 February 2015

WHO do they think they are?

Since it's Friday, let's have a bit of good news for a change...

Pressure mounts on WHO chief over Ebola

World Health Organization (WHO) chief Margaret Chan must resign over the group's inefficient response to the recent Ebola crisis, the largest global AIDS organization said.

In a scathing statement released this week, Los Angeles-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) called for sweeping reforms to the WHO to better prevent and manage dangerous epidemics.

"In light of WHO's lack of leadership, decisive action and resolve to embrace responsibility for the protection of global public health in the Ebola crisis, the current Head of WHO should step down so that a proactive, reform-minded individual might take the lead and transform WHO into an efficient global instrument for rapidly addressing global health threats," AHF said.

You may recall that when the Ebola epidemic was at its height, Margaret Chan couldn't even give a speech about it because she was "fully occupied" in Moscow trying to get e-cigarettes banned. Instead, she put out a statement which strongly, and falsely, implied that she was busy dealing with Ebola.

Chan's holiday in Russia perfectly illustrates the problem with the WHO today. It is so obsessed with micromanaging the lifestyles of rich westerners that it is unable to carry out the job that it was set up to do, ie. tackle infectious disease in poor countries.

Hyperbole? Not really...

Cut music to 'an hour a day' - WHO

People should listen to music for no more than one hour a day to protect their hearing, the World Health Organization suggests.

And then there's the WHO's war on confectionery.

Sack her.


Christopher Snowdon said...

But who would replace her? Better still, who would have the power to decide who would replace her? Pound to a penny she would replaced by a clone.

Christopher Snowdon said...

And about bloody time. Not only Chan should be sacked, but all her wormtongue anti-tobacco advisers too.

The WHO was conceived as a body that would deal on a global scale with such issues as malaria, clean drinking water, basic hygiene and any outbreaks of contagious disease like Ebola.

They have instead taken the easy and lucrative route of promoting the products of the pharmaceutical industry and falsifying data so as to instigate a pogrom on a sizable section of the populace in order to procure an endless supply of funding. In so doing, they have destroyed social networks, destroyed business sectors and caused hundreds of thousands of people to lose their jobs. And all for an ideological chimera.

They should not only lose their jobs, but they should also be branded as the toxic parasites that they really are, thus ensuring that they suffer the same bigotry that they have gleefully engineered for so many others.