Tuesday 14 October 2014

WHO starting to make Putin look good

"They did WHAT?!"

The WHO's COP6 tobacco summit has gone into full, paranoid meltdown. After ejecting the public yesterday, they have now barred the media from attending. Interpol were banned before the conference began. The event is not—and has never been—streamed on the internet. The official Twitter feed hasn't posted a message for 24 hours. It's a completely secret meeting now.

These people are starting to make Putin look like a namby-pamby, tree-hugging liberal. Here's a thought: if you're making political decisions without being elected, if your Director-General is lying to the world's media rather than admit that she's at your conference, and if you're worried that the police, the public and the press might hear what you're talking about, maybe you're not the good guys after all.

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