Wednesday 14 May 2014

Vapers wanted: must have cancer

This is morally disgusting and scientifically absurd. The ad below is designed to recruit cancer sufferers to appear in anti-smoking commercials (click to enlarge).

Except they don't just want to make anti-smoking commercials. I've highlighted the relevant section:

We are also looking for ex-smokers (age 20–60) who:
  • Used cigars with cigarettes, or used cigarillos or little cigars alone or with cigarettes because you thought cigars, cigarillos and little cigars were healthier, and were diagnosed with a serious health condition while smoking.
  • For at least a year, used e-cigarettes or smokeless tobacco while continuing to smoke some cigarettes; and 
  • Thought using e-cigarettes or smokeless tobacco to cut back on some cigarettes would be good for your health; and
  • Despite cutting back, you were later diagnosed with a serious health condition.

We can write the script for this propaganda right now, can't we? "Hi, I'm John and I thought e-cigarettes were safer than smoking, but I used them for 18 months and last year was diagnosed with cancer. E-cigarettes are deadly - don't let them fool ya."

"You can be a hero. All you have to do is eat the cupcake."

This is being paid for by the US Centers for Disease Control. 'Public health' never fails to lower the bar.

Hat tip: E-cigarette Forum


I see that Carl Philips has already blogged about this.


Audrey Silk said...

And then there's this:

"Willing to have your doctor sign a legal statement verifying that smoking caused or contributed to your health condition."

Might as well say "a doctor willing to commit perjury." Or "willing to throw their degree to the wind in order to play ball with us."

Fishter said...

Why are they using a @gmail address? Does the CDC really not have it's own domain name??

Anonymous said...

pretty sure this was a recent family guy episode.

SteveW said...

@Gmail account could easily be an attempt to get around FOI legislation should subsequent requests be filed.
Follow the Michael Mann blueprint for subverting/concealing the fruits of publicly funded labours.

Anonymous said...

If this CDC endeavor is funded by taxpayer dollars, someone should look into the legality of it. CDC has engaged in R.I.C.O typeactivity before..

Carl V Phillips said...

More on this from a few days ago:

Dragonmum said...

One of the reasons why I can't understand why vapers want to be known as non-smokers rather than ex-smokers. I am an ex-smoker, pack a day for 60 years, so if I die of lung cancer please don't blame my vaping habit of four years!