Friday 30 May 2014

Once more into the breach

Another chance to tell David Cameron to get a grip and drop nanny statism for good.

It takes less than a minute so please join me in signing this letter saying 'No, Prime Minister' to plain packaging. The public health racket is desperate to get this stupid proposal out of the way so they can concentrate on making cigarettes brown (like, er, cigars) and putting health warnings on cans of pop. This lunatic crusade needs stopping in its tracks. 

Sign here.


Séan Billings said...

Gaah! "Unto" the be breach!

Anonymous said...

"Once more unto the breach"
Said when England had Warrior Kings,Fighting Knights and valiant footsoldiers
But what of now,this England surely void of noisy serfs but
ample in clattering ghosts.


Christopher Snowdon said...

I stand corrected. I've never been a big fan of the bard so I'll leave the title unchanged to irritate those who are.