Monday 6 May 2013

Spend, spend, spend

Reading a microwaved press release from the Ramblers Association I noticed this...

Anna Soubry, minister for Public Health, attended one of the Ramblers' walks yesterday at Attenborough Nature Centre in Beeston, Nottinghamshire. She insisted the Government was not cutting public health spending, and had increased the budget given to local authorities for it by up to 10 per cent.

Oh, well done Anna. So much for the coalition's "number one priority" of reducing the deficit.

It's no wonder the government is struggling to get public spending under control, let alone pay off any debt, when the minister of one of its least essential departments—public health—is boasting about her profligacy. If the coalition can't reduce spending at the Department of Health's propaganda division, what chance is there of making meaningful cuts elsewhere?

The position of Minister for Public Health didn't exist until 1997 and there is a good case for getting rid of it. Instead, the coalition has created yet another bureaucratic public health quango and continues to waste large sums of money getting its sockpuppets to lobby the government. It is, to borrow a word from Ms. Soubry, twattery.


James Burr said...

Just astonishing.

Then again who needs libraries and army regiments when you have thousands employed in public health and Tobacco Control.

Ivan D said...
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