Tuesday 7 May 2013

E-cigarette workshop

Today, the EU will be holding a "workshop" (a word that should only be used by people working in light industry) on e-cigarettes. Hosted by Europe's most dangerous woman, Linda McAvan MEP, it is heavily biased towards the prohibitionist point of view. This means lots of think-of-the-children, precautionary principle bollocks, as the slides below indicate.

You can watch proceedings on Vapour Trails TV. Also, be sure to read Clive Bates' latest post about this madness. 


Jonathan Bagley said...

Why would a child take up a habit costing £5 a week and then switch to a habit costing £50 a week and then continue with it?

Rursus said...

The well planned Workshop - It was a disaster for Ms McAvans :)

tomrat said...

Kids are fast learners yet they cannot distinguish between a combustible material made of paper and something made of plastic?