Friday, 22 February 2013

Wages of Sin Taxes USA

My paper—a small book, really—The Wages of Sin Taxes has been reissued by the Competitive Enterprise Institute with a new foreword and some extra US-based stuff.

Sin taxes breed criminality and contempt for the law. They give governments a financial incentive to foster the vice they profess to despise. They are tools of disingenuous paternalists and would-be prohibitionists. They are favored by political cowards who dare not raise taxes openly and honestly. Their enduring popularity amongst the political class is summed up in the maxim of the late Senator Russell B.Long (D-La.): “Don’t tax me. Don’t tax thee. Tax that fellow behind the tree.”

It's free and it's a piece of work that I'm particularly proud of so download it here.


Jean Granville said...

It's an excellent paper indeed. You should make a new one for every democratic country on earth.

jredheadgirl said...

Thanks Christopher!

PaulAustin656 said...

Excellent essay, Mr. Snowden. These so-called facts and figures put out by the statists, while repeated often enough, are drawing criticism as they widen their range of victims. your essay exposes their 'voodoo economics' in bold fashion.