Monday 4 February 2013

Really learning

Quote of the day is from Doug Weir of the Ontario Medical Association talking about his organisation's plans for food regulation...

"We’re really learning from our experience in the fight against tobacco, and two of the things that were most effective in terms of getting people to stop smoking was a tax on cigarettes, so what we’re calling for is a tax on high-calorie foods really..."

Could this be the mythical slippery slope?

"...and then the other thing we’re calling for are graphic warning labels."

Why yes. Yes it is.


Unknown said...

One assumes that, if challenged, young Doug would have no difficulty providing evidence for how effective warning labels have been.
Er, oh...

nisakiman said...

No, no, no Chris, it can't be. I distinctly remember Professor Simon Chapman, the world renowned expert on all things tobacco, saying that if this is a slippery slope, then it's the unslipperiest slope he's ever seen. And he should know. He's an expert.

So you must be mistaken there mate, because it was only recently that he said it.

Anonymous said...

And the logical next step is to put them out of the view of consumers. You will have to ask the clerk to open the locked cabinet to get your shameful purchase.

The Cowboy Online said...

I've posted this to Facebook where I'm sure it will be ignored; "oh, he's talking politics again" or "that's just the filthy smokers", and so we sleep walk towards the abyss.

nisakiman said...

Meanwhile in Thailand, some serious willy waving is getting under way.

"My graphic images are bigger than yours..."

Unknown said...

Never mind comparing apples with oranges.

Presumably this means bananas are to be taxed at a higher rate than grapefruit.

Calories in 1/2 a grapefruit: 41.

Calories in a small banana: 90.

That's more than twice as many! Who knew bananas could be sooo baaad for you! Someone tell Weir at once!!!

James Burr said...

"All we're asking for is no-smoking sections in planes....."