Friday 21 September 2012

The solution to (female) obesity

This letter to a local newspaper has been doing the rounds on Twitter. Hard to tell if it was written in jest or not, but it made me laugh. Mike Bloomberg would be proud.


V said...

Christ almighty... I've actually been noticing recently that "public health" people have been zoning in far more on women's weight than men's in their hideous agenda. Simon Chapman, for instance, proselytising that "women who check nutritional labels are 8lb slimmer than those who don't," etc and have been finding this obsessing over women's weight disgusting. I wouldn't even be surprised if these "public health" people actually advocate restaurants serving women less food which is ironic as they're all lefties who would claim to be feminists (see Chapman moaning about Romney's "war on women"). Rank hypocrisy, as with most on the left.

James Burr said...

Surprising. I would have thought hearty women with robust child-bearing hips would have suited this lot's eugenicist agenda.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's not unusual in ordering a meal in a restaurant you can choose between a s/m/l portion and pay accordingly. Here in Holland it is unusual to ask for a doggy bag. Anyway, the letter made me laugh.

Not being able to post here anymore using Open ID made me cranky.