Thursday 27 September 2012

Scottish sock puppet at work

From The Guardian:

Charity to support Scottish government in legal battle over alcohol price

That's very kind of them, but then charities are run buy very kind, selfless people. Which charity has stepped up to the plate, I wonder?

Alcohol Focus Scotland was given permission by the court of session in Scotland to back the government by submitting a dossier of evidence on the harm alcohol can do and the positive impact that unit pricing can have on public health.

Oh, it's a government funded "charity".

As you can see from its accounts, Alcohol Focus Scotland has relieved the taxpayer of the best part of two million quid in the last four years. Last year, its grant from the Scottish Assembly made up half of its income. Most of the rest came from training and consultancy services to government bodies. Having this "charity" support the government's position on minimum pricing is about as impressive as me saying that my right hand supported my left hand when I was typing out this post.

Meanwhile, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Bulgaria have all complained to the EU about minimum pricing.


Jonathan Bagley said...

Belgium should be complaining about Ipswich Council's attempt to get shops' agreement not to sell beer above 6.5% ABV.

Ivan D said...

I foresee a very expensive load of utter rubbish produced by a bunch of talentless amateurs funded by people who actually work for a living in order for autocratic nasty little nobodies to achieve their spiteful ambitions. Ca change, plus ca change. Thanks Dave.