Monday 30 April 2012

EU funding temperance groups. And the rest.

Last week saw a group called Active Sobriety Friendship Peace produce a press release calling on the European Commission to introduce a glut of temperance policies. They say that alcohol is a unique product, just like, er, tobacco and cite research from the neo-prohibitionist Institute of Alcohol Studies and Alcohol Concern. But while those two groups insist that they are not temperance societies, Active is not so shy...

Active- sobriety, friendship and peace is a non-governmental organisation gathering European youth temperance organisations working for a democratic diverse and peaceful world free from alcohol and other drugs where an individual can live up to her full potential. Active has more than 25 000 members in 26 European countries.

Who, I wonder, might be funding these politically correct, adolescent teetotallers as they lobby the European Commission to eradicate booze? Step forward, the European Commission and its €50,000 grant (click to enlarge)...

It's good to know that although the EU is nearly bankrupt, it can still find money to fund its pet lobbyists. Click here to see a small selection of the - ahem - "non-governmental" activist groups the EU is spending taxpayers' money on it, including the International Union of Socialist Youth, the Federation of Young European Greens, the International Falcon Movement-Socialist Educational International and the Young European Federalists (the latter has an online petition you can sign to demand a Federal Europe).

It comes to over €3 million. Money well spent for a thriving democracy, n'est pas?


Rob said...

Funny how there are lots and lots of left-wing groups getting cash. Even so, I wonder if the 'EU' is even aware it is funding these groups.

My guess is that some Gramscian ticks have buried themselves inside this gargantuan disaster and are channelling money and power to their side.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god.
Where do these wingnuts come from?
Oh hang on.

Anonymous said...

Chris Well done,the same thing happened with Obama funding ACORN and Cares thru stimulus funding!

Notice how the commie socialists come out when exposed!

No need to worry they will be as bankrupt as the EU before long,they have an extrvagant appetite at going thru money quicker than a drunk sailor!

APL said...

I like the part of the "democratic diverse and peaceful world free from alcohol and other drugs". Are we talking all drugs? Recreational? Prescription? I'm personally seeing a quasi-religious group of totalitarian nutters who want to dictate every aspect of my life with a kind of patronizing "You'll thank us later" attitude.