Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Review time again

Patrick Hayes has written a thorough and generous review of The Art of Suppression for Spiked.
In masterfully charting the history of the prohibitionists’ war on pleasurable substances, in highlighting their endless failures to impose restrictions on the public, in exposing their dodgy use of statistics and ‘evidence bases’ to disguise moral arguments, and in emphasising the ability of us as individuals to exercise our capacity for self-restraint and personal responsibility, Snowdon does all of us determined to challenge the contemporary prohibitionist movement a great service.

Do read the whole thing.

The Art of Suppression is available from Amazon UK, Amazon.com or direct from me. Why not treat a loved one to a dozen copies this yuletide?

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Anonymous said...

Ok Chris do you have like ESP or a direct invite to stories and studies comming out. I just saw the nc junk study this morning I come here and walla you got it done!

Then I just spotted smoking joes interview over at reason just moments ago and walla you done got her done!

I think I will skip the news feeds and come here first! Thanks