Thursday 10 November 2011

The gathering storm of prohibitionism

Reason magazine's Nick Gillepsie interviews the great Joe Jackson about music, smoking and the "gathering storm of prohibitionism."

Jackson's antipathy for the creeping nanny state in his native England and his longtime home of New York City led him to write a meticulously researched essay called "Smoking, Lies and The Nanny State." It also led him to finally flee New York and London, setting up residence in Berlin because there he at least feels like he is relatively "free" and "treated like an adult."

Well worth watching.


Jean said...

Gillespie got the chronology wrong: "Jumping Jive" came before "Stepping Out", so it couldn't be a departure from it. Apart from that, excellent interview. It's nice to see Joe Jackson being actually clever and interesting when Costello is such an ass. That was a random thought.
He probably got it right too: it has to become worse before it gets better.

Bill Gibson said...

The link to the interview should be sent to your constituency MP as a way of raising the profile of the battle to reintroduce CHOICE and to send a clear message that the issue is far from dead