Monday 3 January 2011

A resolution

This is an annual event, isn't it? After twelve months of riffing endlessly on the themes of obesity epidemics, tobacco pandemics and alcohol panics, there is always one slow news day after Christmas—usually coinciding with the new life expectancy figures coming out—when the truth shows its face. And the truth is that the real threat to the NHS is that the nation will soon look like the cast of Cocoon.

From the BBC:

Leaving aside the very speculative nature of the figures—and leaving aside the Beeb's innumeracy (17% is much closer to 1 in 6 than 1 in 5)—the basic premise is, of course, solid. We are the longest living people in history and I hereby make it my 2011 resolution to use the graphic above every time some idiot scurrilously claims that "this generation will die before their parents".


Unknown said...

Yes, I heard this on the news recently and am always flabberghasted when I hear we are killing ouselves prematurely through our 'lifestyle' choices.

I only occassionally eat 'junk' food and am not too fond of fruit and vegetables although I do eat them now and again. I feel healthy and it is only the ageing process that sees fit to give me the odd ache and pain.

I am 58 and my mother is still alive at the ripe old age of 81, 82 this January. I can't see me dying before her, who likes a smoke and a drink in moderation, but, knowing her as I do, she will live longer than my just out of spite, lol.

Hope you and yours Chris have a good start, (and end) to this new year.


Dick Puddlecote said...

It's a line Jamie Oliver has used many a time. He says it with a perfectly straight face, too ... but then anyone would if they lack basic statistical literacy. ;)

James said...

The government should actually be encouraging smokers. Not only does it raise tax revenue, an increase in smoking might just save us from being bankrupted by pension payouts in the future!