Monday 17 January 2011

Come along... this:

An Evening Panel Discussion

19 January 2011, 6.30pm

IEA, 2 Lord North Street, London, SW1 (door on Great Peter Street)

Poverty, Inequality and Prosperity

In the context of a major new work that the IEA will be publishing on the measurement of poverty, we have organised a panel discussion on poverty and inequality. The debate surrounding whether poverty should be measured in absolute or relative terms is vital for understanding how to approach policy in this area. Furthermore, many amongst the left have welcomed recent work that has suggested that we should be less concerned with eliminating poverty than eliminating inequality – even if this makes the poor poorer. The IEA as assembled an excellent panel to discuss policy in this field of poverty, inequality and wellbeing. Panellists Kitty Ussher, Chris Snowdon, Will Straw and Kristian Niemietz are all experts in the field who view the subjects from different perspectives.

Kristian Niemietz, Poverty Fellow, IEA
Chris Snowdon, Author & Columnist
Will Straw, Head of Strategic Development, IPPR and Founder of Left Foot Forward
Kitty Ussher, Director of Demos

Mark Littlewood, Director General & Ralph Harris Fellow, IEA

RSVP (acceptances only) using the form below or by email to or phone 020 7799 8900


Dick Puddlecote said...

Is this a 15 minute argument or the full hour? ;)

Large Melot Please said...

FFS a bit more notice Snowdon, please. See you tomorrow as Straw will be feeling the wrath of my tongue for his web site smearing me as being "extreme right wing."

Pat Nurse MA said...

Ooh 'eck- LMP -what's happened there? Did I miss something? Jack Straw calling you right wing?
Teapot calling the kettle black methinks. Do you have a link to the offending article?