Wednesday 4 August 2010

Over at Dick's

Dick Puddlecote and I probably share a fair bit of traffic, but if you don't get over there as often as you should, may I recommend some of his recent posts?

On the government (apparently) rejecting every single idea submitted on the Your Freedom website:

The country now belongs to civil servants, quangoes and fake charities - brain-dead politicians and a woefully incompetent press merely pass on their directives.

The circus was fun while it lasted though, wasn't it? Now get back to chomping on your bread.

75 Days Later

On the world's worst business idea:

First it was the smoking ban – now Cardiff could have its first ever alcohol-free pub.

A former bar manager says he wants to open Wales’ only dry pub to help curb binge-drinking in the capital.

Pub Industry Sounding a Retreat

And on being the frustrations of being a perpetual Cassandra:

The floodgates are wide open now. Anti-smoking lunatics have picked the lock and every single issue fruitcake is queueing up to dictate the way you live your life. What's more, they are very confident that - with the denormalisation of smokers as a guide - government, badgered by the joyless health-obsessed, will be happy to accommodate them.

The small matter of dictating to smokers has now become an avalanche of righteous ecstasy as every avenue of your life is now open to scrutiny and control.

Err, we did tell you so.

A Niemöller Avalanche


Dick Puddlecote said...

Thanks awfully for the links, dear chap. :)

Anonymous said...

How is opening a dry pub going to curb binge drinking?

Can't see it myself...but perhaps he should pitch this idea on Dragon's Den. The Scottish Tw*t might back him - the holier than thou basta*d.